Water is essential for human, animal and plant life and is also a key driver of economic and social development. Protection of water resources and promotion of a sustainable water use are therefore main cornerstones of environmental policies worldwide. Although important progresses on water management, infrastructure, technologies and legislation have been made over the past decades in many developed and emerging countries, further efforts are still required to properly face major concerns such as floods and droughts, water scarcity, water pollution, as well as access to safe sanitation, which can be further increased by climate change, population growth and urbanization. The objective of the 6th International Symposium of the European Water Resources Association is to provide an open forum for analyzing the main challenger for an effective water resources management, also able to adapt to climate change impacts. Particular emphasis will be devoted to the developments in the application of EU policies on water resources management (i.e. Water Framework Directive 2000/60, Floods Directive 2007/60 and Water Scarcity and Droughts Strategy), as well as to the latest advances in water engineering all over the world.

The following topics will be discussed:

Drought characterization, monitoring, forecasting

Modelling of natural and dam-break floods and extreme


Water Framework Directives implementation

Water quality management

Assessment of climate change

Water resources management


Innovations in water supply and distribution systems

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University of Catania

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VI EWRA International Symposium

Water Engineering and Management in a Changing Environment

Catania, Italy - JUNE 29th JULY 2nd, 2011 Monastero dei Benedettini



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